Be safer, more efficient and more productive with the powerful digital performance and advanced capabilities of MOTOTRBO.

No matter how large or small your enterprise, MOTOTRBO offers a wide range of systems specifically designed for your business – for the days ahead and the years beyond. You get the best of two-way radio with digital technology and enjoy integrated voice and data communication, increased capacity, enhanced features and exceptional voice quality, across the city and around the globe.

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Tough, resilient and efficient  DIMETRA TETRA Systems for  Critical Communications.

Motorola Solutions is the leading supplier of TETRA digital radio systems and subscribers.  The Motorola Solutions TETRA DIMETRA systems have been continuously developed over more that 15 years to meet the needs of all types of TETRA users, from nationwide public safety network operators to small systems for  airports, Metro operators, Oil and gas companies and many other industrial organisations.

The advantages of the virtualized core and centralised architecture together with other powerful features are available to all types of operator and end user.

With a full range of service solutions, application partners, and local representation Motorola Solutions is uniquely placed to supply and support the roll-out of TETRA service for all types and sizes of operator and end user.

As full trunkey system’s integrators, our services extend to the design, engineering and manufacturing of:

Fixed Infrastructure:

  • Radio Masts and Towers

  • Outdoor IP-rated Equipment Cabinets

  • Enclosed and Insulated equipment shelters

  • Full power reticulation systems. e.g solar, generator setup

Mobile Infrastructure:

  • Mobile trailer’s with equipment enclosures / solar or generator power reticulation

  • Mobile trailers with fully insulated equipment shelter / solar or generator power reticulation