Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Vehicle tracking is the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency and productivity. Limit the endless difficulties mostly related to inefficient vehicle use, fuel thefts and unfair execution of office.

Workforce online monitoring allows you to both optimize your costs and improve driver accountability. The system ensures control over various units.

GPS tracking online with Wialon system allows for:

  • unit location and movement landmark history and control;

  • tracking a specified set of unit parameters, such as movement speed, fuel level, temperature and etc.;

  • managing units (executing commands, automatic jobs performance) and mobile workforce (text communications, calls, assignments and order management);

  • unit activity notifications;

  • unit route performance control;

  • unit data analysis and interpretation via reports (tables and graphs) and much more.

Flexible monitoring capabilities

  • Quickly create and set up accounts, assign rights to use specified system functions with the help of CMS(Customer Management System) interface.

  • Choose preferred map layers, including OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps

  • Analyze sensor values, movement speed and any other unit data online.

  • View and optimize single or multiple units routes displayed as tracks on the map.



  • Our GPS/Glonass tracking device are made of high-quality components, that's why their minimum service life is 10 years.

  • Technology of protection from voltage jumps and sustained overvoltage is used for devices’ boards.

  • Metal anti-vandal housing extend’s service life of the tracking devices.

  • Connect up to 16 sensors, 2 cameras and up to 16 external devices via RS485 digital interface.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi option allows you operational felxibility to relay GPS coordinates and vehicle information when not connected to the cellular network. Firmware and configuration changes can also take place via the wi-fi network.